Our services
What do we do?

What do we do?

We provide tailored odoo implementations.

How do we do odoo?

Usually we start the process organising a few consulting meetings. These sessions allow us to know your business and specially the way you run it.

After that we will propose you a solution, generally there will be two classes of modules for your odoo project. Core and community developed modules on the one hand and tailored or adapted ones on the other.

Once the consulting phase is finished we will present you a budget.

The next step is yours to do, and it consists on selecting a proper liaison.

Now we develop and assemble your system. Here is where the magic happens and all the pitfalls will make their appearance. At this point is that you want experienced developers by your side and where Odoo experts make the difference.

In depending on the size of the project this part may range from a few weeks to several months, even years, provided a project huge enough.

Finally we deliver you the "keys" to your new odoo system.

Do we provide any other service?

Yes, we do. Sadly and due to the lately commoditization of odoo we find too many "poor", to say the least, odoo implementations.

"Why would't I buy a fancy and hyper-modern odoo demo from a cheap unreferenced website?" Because 99% of the time it won't work for your business.

As time passes we have become a sort of experts solving these kind of matters too. So maybe we are one of the best options to resurrect that failed odoo implementation.

Regarding other services we provide, we could say that added to be experienced and expert odoo developers we also are some sort of odoo doctors. Should you have a sick odoo implementation contact us right away.